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  1. 1 why i cant be moderator if i applied 2 or 3 month ago?
    2 who has a you tube channel i can give support
    (plz staff anwser the 1 question)
  2. 1 q is you weren't picked. 2 q i I dunno.
  3. 1. EARN IT.
    2. Look at the home page.
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  4. Part of the becoming a moderator process is that you don't ask such questions. I think you've basically earned yourself a rejection even if you were being considered up until this point. Here's what the moderator application post says:
  5. There's a thing called patience. I'm sure that it is a factor in Justin and Jeremy's search for the perfect staff member.
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  6. well will they expect me to wait a year or what?
  7. I dont think your going to get accepted after this long of a wait. but i have no clue.
  8. I put my application in awhile back, and I don't complain. They only pick new ones when they need them. Also, asking on the forums basically gets RID of your application.
  9. Let's face it, which mod says "plz" and doesn't use correct grammar and punctuation?
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  10. Idk why you didnt get accepted. I didnt either and i signed up like 4 months ago. :(-
  11. Guys, they don't put you as mods by the time you have been on EMC. You could be only one week old, and be a mod, as long as you have helped people, and not BEGGED to be a mod....
  12. I know i wasnt complaining, just saying thta he isnt the only one. Srry for combating now.
  13. I have a very nice Youtube channel if you want to check it out. I make humorous or informative videos about EMC. Click my signature for some of my work.
  14. *ahem*

    vYoutube Channelv
  15. Pshaaww everyone knows you like sheep too much to make unbiased videos.

  16. Making a thread for the whole community to see complaining that you haven't been made green yet is basically like saying "Hi I'm Wartrex13 and I wish to never be a mod." Patience young Padawan , all good things come to those who wait, and don't nag everybody for what they want.

    *I added the part about nagging. :p