2 Momentus giants

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  1. I have 2 Momentus on SMP8 in the Wastelands. Anyone want to join in the fight? Find me on the map, find the giant. Come on out and let's teach this undead beast a lesson. 2013-06-30_11.29.11.png

    We also just got a Marlix on the same island...

  2. D: I don't think this is meant to happen... As far as I know only one boss mob is meant to spawn in one world at a time... I could be wrong, but that looks exciting!
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  3. You are quite far out though....
  4. That is correct yes.
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  5. I don't think it's supposed to happen either. But on 1 end of the island is a Marlix, who was shooting at us. We ran. Then right by my little dirt building, there are 2 momentus wandering around. This is bad :confused:
  6. Still need help?
  7. We need help... bad
  8. lol..
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  9. In desperate need of assistance.
  10. still need help?
  11. Actually, I saw the same happening on SMP5 today. We killed a momentus, *immediately* the next moment a marlix spawned and another momentus was somehow walking around in the same area next to the marlix.

    Good luck Hillbillybeast and PenguinDJ with the fight!
  12. Yes! We're waiting for hillbilly to return with supplies. Any help is needed.
  13. if you need me to kill these 2 guys, just let me know coords
  14. when was this added?!?!?!?!?:confused:
  15. x=-1500
  16. Momentus and Marlix are on different spawning timers. As for the multiple Momentus. One of them might have been a leftover.
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  17. The Momentus zombies are dead. Thanks to everyone who participated! Currently cannot find Marlix...
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  18. How do y'all get so lucky??????? I have been in the wild for hours and hours and have not found a single oneā€¦
  19. Marlix has apparently despawned. Even bigdavie couldn't find him.
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