2 Minute Tutorial - Mob Spawning /w samsimx

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  1. I am starting a new series called "2 minute tutorials" where I will go over topics players may have questions about or struggle with on EMC. Not every video will be 2 minutes because most need a lot longer, but its just a catchy title :p
    If you have a topic you want reviewed or have some questions about let me know. :)
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  2. Nice tutorial, also good video series idea =)
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  3. Going to leave a bump here.
  4. Nice video, sam. Very informative. :)
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  5. Seems like I got some positive feedback, wouldnt mind some negative!
    Anyone have any ideas for future episodes? I currently have residence commands and simple redstone on my to do list.
  6. Some good info in there, maybe highlight your points in the text about the vid? And possibly add links to the EMC specific spawning stuff.

    You repeated some same points a lot, but it seems to me that was just from the jitters of your firstish tutorial video. :) You will likely become more clear and susinct in future vids. Too much talking about the same thing makes it less clear, or harder to take into the info IMO.

    Look forward to seeing more of these.
  7. Ah yes I was hoping someone would bring this up, thanks Scruff!

    Everytime I make a video I learn something I can do better in the next. I get very anxious when making videos so I tend to talk faster and be more jittery. For this video I made a script and I feel like that helped my speech a lot more. In the future I will try to make a better effort not to repeat myself as well. :)
  8. Just watch this, very informative. However some parts were slightly slow, try to be more energetic and maybe add some explosion sounds in the background when you make a good point.
  9. Anymore ideas to be showcased?
  10. You started to stutter a little bit at the end. Could have used a second take.

    You can't go wrong with explosions. xD
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  11. I think the fastest way would be blocking mob spawns totally, like what I did with my farm - dig a 101x101x65 hole and then slab the caves until you're safe. This way you never wait for mobs to despawn.
  12. oh right.. i never thought of that... so you remove spawning right out to vanilla distance? i don't know why that did not occur to me :)
  13. We should collaborate :)
  14. This is definitely not the most efficient thing to do. Digging is unnecesary and wastes a lot of time and resources. Efficiency of a mob farm is not only measured by how fast your rates are, but the time put into the farm and the amount of resources you are willing to use.

    It takes 15 seconds max for mobs to despawn, I would rather wait that than have to dig a whole perimeter which would takes weeks alone, or even with a few players a week or two. I would never suggest that method to anyone, but if you want to its your choice of course.
  15. Well its not to vanilla distance, because there is only 50 blocks on each side if you stand in the middle.
  16. In terms of life efficency maybe not :p But in terms of "fastest farm on EMC" I think it is.