2 Minute Silence Across EMC.

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  1. At 11 Minutes, 11 Hours, 11 Days, 11 Months. I would like EMC to fall silent for 2 minutes forums and in game, in memory of all the soldiers that have died.

    (Im doing EST as GMT is to close to the time right now)

    If you are going to troll this thread or anything like that I will report you myself.

    Thank you
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  2. I think it is meant to be 1 minute. lol.
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  3. I'll probably be asleep at that time. Tell me how it goes.

    Edit: Post how it goes on this thread.
  4. Nope its 2, we did it in school (our head was saying we might not so we will) and the Wiki says it (not MC wiki but real life Wiki)
  5. Can anyone remind me what the date is today?
  6. November 11.
  7. 11/11/12
  8. Not gonna happen. I would love to do this but.. Not gonna happen.
  9. Thats why im trying to make it happen
  10. I don't think I'll make it 3 more hours. On the bright side, ill be silent XD
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  11. How bout they post a message for everyone, and whoever speaks gets temp-banned? Lol
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  12. I've Already done this in Aussie Time :p
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  13. its 1 well in australia
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  14. I didn't even know it was thanksgiving day ;( but I did it just then at church :)