2 Giant Skyscrapers @ 10250, SMP5

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A Restaurant For Floor 5 The Connected One?

Yes 7 vote(s) 87.5%
Nope 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. 2 Giant Sky Scrapers Nearly Finished @ 10250, SMP5. The Sky Scraper On The Left Is A Shop And Contains 2 Floors Of Items For Sale. The Sky Scraper On The Right Contains A Factory, Bank, Job Center And A Casino. Please Post Your Ideas On What Should Go On Different Floors. Also Selling 5 Floors Of The Sky Scraper On The Right For People To Build Flats There Or Set Up There Own Shop :). Bidding Starts Soon So Get Ready. The Size Of The Floors Is 17x17x3. Please Comment For Ideas Or Even If Your Interested In Bidding, Thank You

    Sky Scrapers.jpg
  2. I would really like to bid but I dpn't have enough rupees:(. But as you probably know by now I'm gold supporter so
    I am bound to do some sort of bidding tomorrow. So thanks for telling us about this I kind of know this'll get pretty
    big, well in an ideal world anyway;).
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  3. Could i bid 1000r on 2 floors for a shop?
  4. TWIN TOWERS???._.
  5. No the twins towers were not connected :(. And i will be auctioning floors very soon so keep watching :)