2 DC's of SNOW! [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by FDNY21, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Item: Snowballs, lots of Snowballs!
    Quantity: 2 DC Full! 1,728 to be exact :)
    Start Bid: 250 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 50 rupees
    Information: Auction ends when I see fit (e.g. Certain amount of hours after last bid, certain price is met, etc) and the start bid is final and cannot be lowered as this is under the average price of all of these. Pickup is @ 18318 SMP9, 2 Access chests will be visible inside the residence after I have ended the auction, as I will tell the winner in this thread. Delivery is available, but that will cost you 100 rupees as I have to make the effort to do this :)
    Equivalent: 1,728 Snowballs are equivalent to 432 snow blocks (You can make these after the auction if you wish, for a snow house or something :D But you can do what you like with them)
    HAPPY BIDDING and may the best bid win ^^ 2013-08-13_14.27.59.png 2013-08-13_14.31.55.png
  2. BTHarrold98 you are in the lead of this auction :)
    UPDATE: NEW MINIMUM INCREMENT: 10r! Lets make this exciting :) Happy bidding! ~FDNY21
  3. Sorry, you have to have a defined end time for the auction, not "when you see fit" as you put it.
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  4. if you read it says "Certain time after auction", so when nobody else is bidding that is when i see it fit to end, which means a few hours I guess, and nobody else who are bidding were worried anyway, but ill make sure i put a defined time in my next auction. Thanks ~FDNY21
  5. But that could be any point, you need to change it for this auction or it is deemed invalid.
    You should message a Moderator to have them change the main post for you.
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  6. Rainbow is correct, you must set an ending time, or this will be shut down by a moderator.
  7. Well, this is my first auction, Im a noob to this :p Okay, auction ends 09:00 P.M. England, which I believe to be 04:00 P.M. in USA :) Minimum bid increment is 10r...just to spruce things up...happy bidding...~FDNY21
  8. 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, yes. Not all the US is one time zone.

    You also may want to ask a Moderator to add " [AUCTION " to the title of the Thread, as well as an actual End time to the OP. :)
  9. Auction is invalid, closing. Please have a specific end time (i.e. 2pm EST on Aug 16th or 24 hours after the last bid). Also you can not modify your minimum bid size (or any details) once you have received a bid.
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