2 DC's of Sandstone :D

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ArtemisV, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Item Description: 2 double chests of sandstone, or 108 stacks of sandstone. :)

    Starting Bid: 2,000r

    Minimum Bid Increase: 500r

    End: 24 hours after the last bid. That means if you bid (a valid bid) and no one else bids for 24 hours, your bid will be considered the last one and you'll win.

    Delivery: SMP1, res 942, an access chest will be set up where you can see it.

    Do not post in my auction without bidding, you will be reported immediately. If you see an issue, please pm me.
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  2. This is a bump. I really hate the word bump. >_>
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  3. And another bump in case anyone else is interested in bidding. If no one else bids this auction will be over in 6 hours. :)
  4. It looks like you won the auction jkjkjk :) I'll set up a couple chests on res 942, just go through the fence when you teleport there. :)
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  5. One of the minecraft servers seem to be down and it refuses to let me log in. I won't be able to set up the chests until tomorrow. :/
  6. Ok and Just Wondering. Since the Auction is over im guessing I can post, what Texture Pack did you use.
  7. DemonThunder, I used Sphax BD Craft, and it's amazing. :)

    Jkjkjk, I'm going to try to set up the double chests of sandstone right now, but I'm between internet service providers and I -might- not have internet all weekend. Just a warning!
  8. Okay, the double chests are all set up. I guess I might have internet today? But probably not.
  9. @demonthunder: It was specifically sphax bdcraft 64x, so it's high definition.
  10. Awesome, trying to get online myself (my PC was commandeered by my brother... >_> ), I will pay ASAP. :)
  11. Paid for and picked up, good doing business with you. :)
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