2 DC's of Netherrack!

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1 DC (or more, specify amount in comments), of Oak Logs 1 vote(s) 10.0%
DC Nether Brick 3 vote(s) 30.0%
DC Stone Brick 6 vote(s) 60.0%
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  1. Hey everyone! As promised, I have made a netherrack auction that consists of not one, but TWO Dc's of Netherrack! Here's the specs:

    Item: 2 DC's of Netherrack.

    Starting: 3,100 rupees.

    Ending: Thursday, 7/11, at Noon EST

    Bid Increment: Please only raise bids by a 200 rupee minimum.

    Pick-up: 3794 on Smp2 on the first floor of my shop, but I will deliver if needed as long as the winner specifies where in the comments.

    Happy Bidding!!!!!!

    On a side note: Please do not expect me, FirstJugBurgerz, to be around on 7/14-7/22, since I'm on vacation!!! :cool:
  2. I should mention that this is an auction, my title did not explain that. First bump.
  3. Ok everyone. I know my starting price is pretty high right now, so the starting bid has been lowered to 1,600 rupees. Once again, happy bidding!!
  4. Remember my old strating price before I changed it? (Starting: 3,100 rupees.) We're getting awfully close to that now. :p Deathtomb leads at 2,600 rupees, auction ends Thursday EST. I guess this is a bumpz.
  5. Last bumpz I'm going to do before auction ends Thursday EST. Reminder to whom this may concern: I will not be around 7/14-7/21. I'm on vacation then! :cool:
  6. Actually, I think it's legal for me to do this last bump (all I want is for Deathtomb to not forget about me). lol. 22.5 hours from now the auction will end.
  7. Deathtomb8953, you have won the 2 DC's of Netherrack for 2,600 rupees. Please pay, then ask me whether you want to pick up the contents at 3794, or have me deliver it to you(if so, state the res number and server also), and have the chests ready for me. The auction is closed. :)
  8. paid sorry about that
  9. I'll have the chests ready at my res on Smp2 tomorrow morning since I have to share this laptop. :p
  10. Death, chests are currently up on my res on Smp2, 3794.
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