2 DC's Of Enchanted Goods [AUCTION]

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  1. Items:

    Enchanted Bow's:

    Unbreaking III, Power III x45
    Power I x9

    Enchanted Books:

    Looting II x28
    Punch II x2
    Knockback I
    Knockback II x2
    Silk Touch I x2
    Efficiency II
    Flame I
    Fortune I
    Aqua Affinity I x4
    Protection II
    Smite I
    Bane Of Arthropods IV
    Projectile Protection IV
    Fire Protection I

    Enchanted Diamond Pickaxes:

    Unbreaking III, Efficiency III x4
    Unbreaking II, Efficiency II, Silk Touch I x3

    Starting Bid:

    5Kr / 5000r

    Minumum Bid Increcement:

    0.1Kr / 100r

    End Time:

    24 Hours After Last Bid Has Been Places

    Pick Up:

    8295 Smp4 In My Bacement

    Happy Bidding For All You Guys Bidding And Have A Nice Time ()<
  2. PureBredGaeilge Is In The Lead With 7.5k
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  6. rainier6 is in the lead with 11.2k = 11200r
  7. 5 hours left
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Thread Status:
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