2 DC of Carrots

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  1. Heyo Everyone! It's rburke5786 Owner of the Wooden Fortress! Which also now has a new main entrance. Here's a screenshot: 2014-08-11_09.31.34.png

    Anyway Welcome to the Wooden Fortresses 5th Auction! I've never sold this auction item before so I can't really guess how much it's going to go for, but I'm auctioning off 2DC of Carrots! Carrots can be used for a few things:
    • Breeding Pigs
    • Making Carrot on a Stick
    • Replanting them in a Garden
    • Making a Golden Carrot and breed tamed Horses
    • Making Rabbit Stew
    Link to the Minecraftwiki: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Carrot.
    I'm selling these because I'm up to my ears in carrots! I ran the math, in my shop regularly a DC of Carrots goes for 1,080r. Today I'm giving everyone a bargain and I'll sell 2DC's starting at 500r! Anyone who wants to resell them or use the carrots to breed pigs or horses, or anything that these carrots can be used for... buy these from me and make great use of them!

    Auction Rules:
    Item: 2DC of Carrots
    Starting Bid: 500r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 50r
    Auction Ends: 24 hrs. (1 Day) after previous valid bid.
    2014-08-11_09.18.11.png 2014-08-11_09.44.41.png

    All Pick-Up Information: My residence is on the smp5 server at address 10225. When you type it you're going to need the main front gate. So type "/v 10225 main". Go into the front gate and on your left there will be signs for the Sky Tower, the Shop Teleports, and the Auction Board. You need the auction board and it will say the current state of that auction. You know if it's finished and if the items are ready to be picked-up. I ask that you pay me first, when I get the notification through EMC Shopkeeper (made by Shavingfoam). I will put the "access" signs up on the chests. From the auction board. Go the Auction Storage Area. You will see a bunch of chests, go to the chests that have a carrot in the item frame above them. If your access signs are not there, it's either you haven't paid me yet, or I just haven't received the notification that you have paid. Send me a message through the website. I do look at them. I'll make sure you get your carrots! ;)
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  2. Auction Closed
    Winner: cutejuliew with 500r :)

    I'll be in touch!
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