2 DC + 1 Chest of SNOW!

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  1. Item: Snowballs, lots of Snowballs!
    Quantity: 1,296! 2 DC + 1 Chest full!
    Start Bid: 250 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 50 rupees
    Information: Auction ends when I see fit (e.g. Certain amount of hours after last bid, certain price is met, etc) and the start bid is final and cannot be lowered as this is under the average price of all of these. Pickup is @ 18318 SMP9, 2 Access chests will be visible inside the residence after I have ended the auction, as I will tell the winner in this thread. Delivery is available, but that will cost you 100 rupees as I have to make the effort to do this :)
    Equivalent: 1,296 Snowballs are equivalent to 324 snow blocks (You can make these after the auction if you wish)
    HAPPY BIDDING and may the best bid win ^^ 2013-08-13_13.47.58.png 2013-08-13_13.48.51.png

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  2. This auction is invalid, seeing as one of the Chests of Snow is not a Double Chest. I would suggest fixing this auction to sell only the two Double Chests, or set up a new one.
  3. I thought it meant only at LEAST a DC of Stackable items, and this is more than a DC so it is valid?
  4. If you want to sell these items you might want to add another chest of snow ?
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