2 Awesome Diamond Picks

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  1. Selling 2 Enchanted Diamond Picks
    Fortune III
    Unbreaking III
    Efficiency V
    [used on 1 block]
    Starting at 2000
    Silk Touch I
    Unbreaking III
    [Used to mine down 40 ores]
    Starts at 1000

    Auctions End 12 Hours After Last Bid
  2. Wrong forum, wrong title. If it were a real auction, it must be a package. You cant have two auctions in one.
  3. It's funny how people use a pic on 1 block, then want to sell it. It's like they want it to be worth less. :D
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  4. Well i did it by a mistake :)
  5. Dangerouspopcorn, I am closing this auction i will start a new one as soon as a mod delete this and just bid again
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