2 Armed Piston

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  1. So after breaking my obsidian generator and placing a new piston I found this:

    2012-10-19_20.18.10.png 2012-10-19_20.18.20.png
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  2. That is what is known as a glitch.
  3. This has suddenly turned in to a meme thread...
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  4. I was thinking that same thing...
    Response to the OP: If u take away and put back the redstone signal do both arms respond? One will probably disappear if you do that, then glitch solved.
  5. I deactivated the current and the bottom arm remained while the side arm detracted:

    I have a F2 but im on my laptop, destroying it got rid of the problem but now I have the 2 head problem with it looking like the piston has and hasn't extended and wont close again so the lava is breaking
  6. Wow. How did you do that piston?
  7. Dunno xD

  8. I see a new tourist attraction
  9. i want one
  10. xD it doesnt retract
  11. One arm is double! Look at the top right arm.
  12. Yeah there is 2 messed up pistons now xD