2 Announcements Later Today

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  1. I'm tired and have been up all night so I'm about to pass out. However, just wanted a heads up that later I will be making two announcements.

    One will (finally) be our decision on the buying/selling of grinders/locations. It took a lot of thinking of how we wanted to handle this and we came up with a decision that should make people happy with a bit of a compromise that will make it manageable for the staff.

    Second will be a minor Supporter enhancement that will will have added benefit to all subscription levels. It will be a website perk, not an in game one. However, those that take advantage of it may see advantages to their in game situation. I think some people know about it already, so please don't spoil it until I make the official post later.

    Goodnight. :D
  2. Looks cool!
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  3. I love new things like this <3
  4. Awesome!
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  5. SPOILER: If you make a cake, it won't be a lie, and you can eat it too.
  6. Hurrah;)
  7. .... can i sign your baby?

    lol thanks icc <3
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  8. By saying don't tell anyone you've made me really want to shout it... >.<
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  9. Haven't seen you do it yet. Good boy;)
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  10. I bet it has to do with the new War Simulations test server Justin said he was working on! I cant wait!!!:) Hehehehe XD
  11. please tell us :)
  12. Woot :D
    When will you announce O: I know later today, but at what time?? :D
  13. I bet you thought I was actually going to spill the beans, didn't you?
  14. Someone Pm Me The Supporter Thing ;)
  15. Yes i did:p
  16. i bet its gonna be the pvp! FAIL GREY TEXT jk :p
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  17. O: How could you!!!! You're killing innocent puppy souls when you spoil things!!!! D:
  18. Cant wait to hear about it :D
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  19. I'm sure you were there when he told all the supporters on SMP1... xP
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  20. auuuugggh I wish I could just MAIL cash in for supporter.. Parents wont let me get iron! If I could mail ICC 70 bucks I would!!
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