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  1. Hi to all the Empire,

    After touring Paris and Italy and seeing some churches, I fell in love with the design and beauty. And then thought to make a church on EMC. So I got Diamond supporter and have claimed a res on Utopia. I am all set. The only thing I need are supplies! I need about:

    x2 STACKS of GLASS

    I would really appreciate if you help me get these items! This is one of my dream projects.

    -I will post progress pictures here :)-
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  2. Anyone happen to have some materials?
  3. Your building a church and you need sticky pistons?
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  4. Doors/grand opening.
  5. I once went to Paris, I was not a fan.
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  6. When I was there, I was in the non-touristy area. There was litter and explicit graffiti everywhere.
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  7. Well go somewhere else in Paris. every city is like that in certain areas. I absolutely LOVE Paris.
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  8. I got a stack of sticky pistons i can sell you, just set up a sell shop on your Utopia res with a fair price :)
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  9. I think I'll be eligible to supply all the glass. Are you requesting that I give or sell the glass to you? If you're willing to buy it then come to 8888, I'll set up a chest there where you can sell it. You have use permission :)
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  10. I've set up the glass in a chest to be bought @ 40 rupees per stack, 80 rupees in total :D
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  11. I fell in love with Singapore!
    What an amazing place!
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  12. I have 4 stacks of slimeballs.
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  13. Hold that offer.
  14. On offer at 9139!

    If you need stacks /tell me if im online or PM me
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  15. Glass Chest at 5434!
  16. If you haven't already made a design - i've lived in Italy and flown over paris - also i've made in-game cathedrals ... so if you need structural designs (or names of places) real life and in-game , i could aid you with some advice :)
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  17. Please, if anyone has sandstone.. sell it to me.
  18. Congrats on diamond! I was wondering when you'ld get it. :p
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  19. have you setup a sell shop on your utopia res for sticky pistons
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