2,000th Post AMA and Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by fluffinator09, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Hmmm. I have been here a long long time and I am only reaching 2k posts? Meh.
    So anyway the title says it all so get asking to be entered for the Giveaway!

    1. Maximus7697
    2. Lukas3226
    3. Adderwolf71
    4. nick5013
    5. Golden_Guppy
    6. Electrobomb
    7. cddm95ace
  2. can I be entered in the giveaway (doing as you requested) just starting out but I hope to get to 2k posts on my 1 year joining anniversary (I believe you people call it):p
  3. Congratulation on soooo much posts!
    and my question: can you read grey-text?
  4. Congratz fluff!

    Yet I don't think Voltz War has started yet.... has it? If not, try to get 500 more posts by the time it starts. :p
  5. gratz on spamming forums
    Do you think I'm pretty?
  6. I think I have said this before. I do not find killer clowns "pretty"
  7. He's not a clown
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  8. Whatever he is, it REALLY creeps me out. >.<
  9. Am I doing this right?
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  10. I think it's the TheJims skin which is .... darn I don't know what that skin is either
  11. Congratulations:) , what is your favorite flavor of pie?
  12. pie is eeevil
  13. Apple. There is no question there.
  14. Congratz on 2k :D (Insert statement entering into giveaway here)
  15. I'll count no answer on my question as a "no" :p
  16. that is a very good one!
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