1st grief at LLO I've seen AND ITS MY HOUSE!

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  1. 2012-06-22_09.16.29.png 2012-06-22_09.16.51.png 2012-06-22_09.16.59.png 2012-06-22_09.16.38.png THIS WAS NOT LIGHTNING DAMAGE! LOOK!

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  2. Remove those cords now, someone could find the LLO and be a griefer.
  3. .... yeah really? why would you post cords?!
  4. Maybe he wants it griefed or something..........
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  5. ... you mean more griefed? lol
  6. I'm very sorry about your house getting griefed.

    =p Its not like you guys are very hidden.
  7. this to me looks like fire damage, could easily be caused by a thunder strike, the fire then burnt its way through your lovely and flammable wooden structure :)
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  8. This is very possible - When it is grief, usually the glass is the first thing to go. There is a lot of glass here. Was wood the only thing hurt?
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  9. Yeah id be more leaned to believe a thunderstrike did this.

    did you find stuff missing from chests etc too? If someone actually wanted to grief LLO id expect more damaged.

    And this is why i build everything out of stone >_>

    Fire does nothing, and if someone really wanted to grief me...... have fun spending 12 hours doing so?
    There is probably at least 700 stacks of Stonebrick... Not exactly "steal-able" :)
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  10. Check tha LLO jungle outpost post, there has been more reported greifs
  11. Yea that's damage isn't from a griefers and what happen last night isn't first time we had been griefed. First time was we got TNTed in are vault and second time was by "player name" who was killing are farms and now is perm-banned and for the tree farms burning we have caught who did by the help of Green. So we are on watch who's coming to LLO and please dont give away are cords. I know that LLO isn't hard to find but still if your going show your something from there edited te pic first :)
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  12. too late piggie
  13. thank you! look on the live map for 10 seconds and you see it!
  14. Lightning doesn't create fires that last. happens too often so they took it out
  15. Guys, also, several other people had greifed houses, this was the first one I saw like the title says, all brewing stands were stolen and there were looted chests.
  16. Yeah sadly airkiller99 and Iceman542 decided to set our tree farm, Lemaqr's house on fire, remove endstone from another house, steal potions equipment, bust out stuff in at least two other houses as well.
  17. you live in the LLO :confused: never knew :/
  18. No, he has his own outpost
  19. Based on the damage done to the structure and the snowfall, it would appear to be a lightning strike.. As was said before if someone wanted to grief LLO there would have been more damage done. Lightning strike can burn down wood structures, I have had it happen before. The dispersion of blocks is similar to that of firespread and Lightning does strike in snowstorms strangely enough..
  20. What texture pack is that?