1r Intro Making Service

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  1. Hello Guys. I made a template on sony vegas pro 12/ Cinema 4D and since I'm bored I will do intros like this:

    For only 1r.

    No Joke

    Because it takes for ever to render at 1080p 30fps I will only render them at 720p 30fps unless you pay 100r more rupees for 1080p.


    skype: jeanzl2000

    If you do end up using this and you upload it to video sharing sites like youtube in the description please credit me : youtube.com/jeanzl2000 and

    It wouldn't hurt to subscribe either.
  2. *Mods please change the title to

    1r Intro Making Service

    Gosh I'm such a failure :p
  3. Can you make one for me? My youtube is ThePyroPunisher. Use that for the text too :p
  4. Can you make me one for NINJATTILA?
  5. Okay I'm back so one for the bronie and one for the tnt guy
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  6. It's brony :p
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  7. yours is rendering

  8. use keepvid.com or something
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  10. If you do end up using them please put:

    And a special thanks to youtube.com/jeanzl2000 for the intro

    in the desc.
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  11. Wow thanks
  12. Ok
  13. I rendered mine in HD. Your 1 rupee will be paid tomorrow :p I can't login right now.
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  14. Can I please have one with this as the background?

    To download it just click it (It's linked) and then right click it in imgur and save it to downloads thanks :)
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  15. I have no idea why it's contrast was lost...
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  16. Can you do a couple for me?
    1 - Random Redstone With Random-Shuffle
    And can it have like redstone in the backing?
    2 - nfell2009
    Something ultra cool! :D
  17. I would like one with "Kruger" and other one with "Thestar19"
  18. Can I have one? I'll pay 1k for you to make it like

    But with a kind of reflective flash going across? :)
  19. I need 3 intros!!! Can you please make one with the name "SantiChask" and a yellow gradient as background? I'll tell you the other ones in a PM :) thanks! Send me the files via Skype if you make them!
  20. I gave you 300r :)