1k Special!

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Should I Sing or do a Challange for my 1k view special?

Sing 18 vote(s) 56.3%
Do a Challange 14 vote(s) 43.8%
  1. Once i hit 1k views on my youtube, i'll either:
    Sing a song
    Do a challange

    Please choose from those two in the poll, and if have chosen song, leave in the comments below if you want me to sing mockingly/joking, or if you want me to sing seriously (With my best voice)

    If you choose challange, please post a challange you wish for me to do (I will be alone, no multi-person challange)

    NOTE: If you see someone has already posted the challange you want me to do, please like that post, do not re-post the challange, but DO repost how you want me to sing

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCLMSQs9h_yphTH71GWtkAA
  2. Seriouslyyyyyy singggggg
  3. Sing in your best voice the MLP theme song.
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  4. Challenge: Recreate any scene from the Avengers with items from your fridge. If you have not watched Avengers, then do the latest movie you have seen. If you do not have items in your fridge, I suggest a trip to your local grocery store. If you do not have a fridge, then buy a fridge.

    (Danisnotonfire did this for his Truth or Dare 5 vid, so this is not my idea.)
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  5. Challenge =
    • Chubby Bunny - See how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth but after each one you have to say chubby bunny. This is really fun but do it near a bin because I can almost guarantee that you will have to spit some out in the end.
  6. *Chubby Bunny.
    not fluffy.
  7. Seriously sing Winter Wrap Up.
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  8. Because tomorrow spring is here!
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  9. I know that in the UK (or some parts) It is fluffy
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  10. It's tied!
    7 to 7!

    That is REALLY hard, but wold be really fun xD
  11. It's still tied!
    8 to 8!

    I'll close the poll when i reach 1k, but until then, this poll stays OPEN!
  12. This...forum is on fiyaaa :)
  13. Singing is in the lead!
    Keep in mind i'll CHOOSE what to sing from what ya'll have suggested (If singing wins)
    Keep voting!
  14. Baby by Justin bieber- but you have to dress like justing bieber and get a bieber wig :p
  15. If you sing....do Stair way to heaven ;)
  16. THAT'S not part of the deal xD
  17. It should be.
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  18. If you sing, sing Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
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  19. :eek:
    I just got hooked on that song thanks to theminner333
  20. Please do not count a vote to Do A Challenge, as I want to put my vote in sing now :( But for a song, sing "Let Her Go" By Passenger.
    Sing It Seriously.
    EDIT: I honestly have this playing over and over on youtube repeat...
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