19500 Promo Slot Machine

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  1. That's right!

    A Promo Slot Machine!

    SMP9 on residence number 19500

    Who can use it?
    - Anyone who has a diamond block or can buy one of my own!

    What can you win?
    - At the moment, the current prize is an Iron Supporter Voucher!

    Is this for real?
    - YES! With enough luck, you can turn your diamond block into an Iron Supporter Voucher!

    This is not the only prize that will be available. In the future, other promo items will be available to win. This is just the starter!

    Play responsibly and have fun!
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  2. i know its been tested, but some things need to be done on that residence i think.
    just threw in about 25 blocks (i forget exactly how much)

    and i had no idea when the machine stopped and when it was safe to throw again so i might have been breaking it for all i know. there should be a count posted somewhere or a signal that the machine is ready again to let players know.

    also enderpearl should be off otherwise people can get in there while you have it locked and pick up the blocks you are throwing.

    lastly the lighting needs a little work i think, at night it may lag the machine if lighting updates happen

    edit: i just saw the back and anyone can throw items in the back hoppers, completely messing up the odds. thats a big time mistake and should make the whole machine ineligible
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  3. I will make these changes momentarily.
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  4. he fixed em!
    i love this machine, would love one in my casino whenever i finally finish it.

    (as a side note something i forgot which you may have already) is there something down there sorting out junk? some mean person may come by and throw a dc of dirt at the machine.

    otherwise this thing is awesome. i encourage all you to come try it one at a time
  5. This is awesome! Turns all diamonds into blocks=p
  6. What are your chances?
  7. Says in game.. I think its 1/751
  8. 1 in 729
  9. This sounds cool heading over to check it out!
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  10. Thanks!
  11. this is awesome!! I like spending my money especially on slot machines XD
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  12. Congratulations to SFFL44!
    The Iron Supporter Voucher has been won, but the new Promo item is a brand new Ham Hacker!

    Tokens are now Emerald Blocks and the Odds are 1/576

    Play Responsibly and good luck!
  13. Might try this out
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  14. I'd appreciate it!!
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  15. I mean.. Maybe I'm just not buying into the hype as much as everybody else, but don't these odds seem kind of.. well.. bad?

    I'm no expert on prices anymore but let's take a look here.

    1 emerald = ~30r last time I played (which could be super outdated but it's what I remember. Even if it's lower since then, as long as it's more than like 20r then what I have to say still applies.)
    1 emerald block = ~270r (ditto as above)

    1 Ham Hacker = 50k (as of the latest auction I could find)

    If your odds are 1/576 of winning the prize, that means that statistically where x is the amount of money you'd have to put in to win the prize:

    f(x) = 576 * 270 +- deviation (in this case it's random so it can't be calculated easily; I'll leave it out for this purpose)

    Which happens to work out to 155,520r.

    So, adjusted for the price of a Ham Hacker, you would be paying a ~311.04% markup on the given item.

    I don't know if that's just somehow generally accepted nowadays, and if it is then by all means carry on, but the markup ratio for the prize in this case seems rather high.

    If you'd like to me to delete this post for your publicity or whatever just let me know but I just thought I'd throw in my two cents. Nonetheless, good luck with your casino.
  16. Thank you for your input. This slot machine is by no means a way for the public to make money. As with any Slot machine in any casino, your odds are way against you. This slot machine is meant as a means to give the player a random possibility at winning a promo item. Not every player is going to win. In fact, not very many players are going to win, but the return rate is extremely high if you are the lucky person to win the promo. A player should play this machine to get their chance to be the lucky winner, not because they are trying to use this machine as a means to make money.
  17. yeah i think the odds are much higher in actual casinos, much less things liek the lottery. people play for the chance that only a few spins might win it. they arent trying 576 times
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  18. Yes I understand that and I know that the odds are always in the favor of the house and it should be that way, but it shouldn't be /that/ much towards the house. I'd think that something like a ~180% premium would be about the right amount that the value should be swayed away.

    I get that it's not meant to be a shop and it's not meant to make other people money and you should always end up with the long end of the stick being the owner, but at the same time it shouldn't be throwing money in a fire.
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  19. In an actual computerized slot machine, the house can control everything about the machine. I can't. The previous odds were 1/729 and someone in total play of less than 200 tries accumulated by all the players. So clearly it isn;t 1/729. Because I can't control exactly how often a person will win, the odds are set to make up for this difference in computerized versus actually controlled.
  20. If somebody won the prize in 200 tries then they just got lucky lol. That doesn't mean that the odds of 1/729 weren't effective (if you set it up to be 1/729 then there is no reason why it shouldn't stay that way), it just means that somebody got lucky early on. Part of being the house is absorbing the loss if people win early in hopes that it will be made back in losing streaks ;)

    Somebody could win a 1/1000 prize every single time 50 times in a row. That doesn't mean that you need to tighten the odds or that it's not working properly. That means that somebody was stupidly lucky and happened to win it statistically early.

    If being the 'house' of a casino were as simple as making the machine and refilling the prizes and you were able to make an easy 300% markup, everyone would be a 'house'. But the 'house' is also expected to absorb losses from people on winning streaks without changing up the game significantly to recoup.

    Your odds were indeed 1/729, it just so happened that somebody won early. That's how random works ;)
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