18Stacks of diamond for sale!

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by Xandrow, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. I Have 18stacks of diamonds and I want 40r each :3
    I bought them for some stupid reason when I didnt even needed them =)
    If you wanna buy some just post here and ill contact you

  2. per diamond that's an awesome buy put me down for a stack of diamonds
  3. I want two stacks please.
  4. I will buy all the rest, at 40r per diamond. Please.
  5. Sure, I have 16stacks left. Sqiggle didnt answer me :3
  6. lol i was afk my bad but ill still buy my stack
  7. Y u no answer :3
  8. can you save a stack for me?
  9. was how you say this kindly at the crapper
  10. Herbrin3 bought rest of them ;)

    I should have some in my shop, but they are 42 there tho. =)
  11. XD
  12. darn you herbrin!!!!!!!!
  13. Can you come to my res at smp8 res 16803 and sell me a stack?
  14. i think herbrin3 bought the last 15 stacks from xandrow
  15. Sold out . :)