{18144, SMP9} Relatively new Enchantment store

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  1. Hello people of the empire,
    I recently built a new enchantment store at SMP9, 18144.
    Prices vary but are relatively cheap.
    We sell minerals, enchanted items.


    Please feel free to have a look around!
    I will also try to keep items in stock! :)

  2. Nice, a new enchantment store! Do you sell shovels and axes too? And can you make a price list of some of the super items (like a diamond pickaxe with eff IV, unbr III and silktouch)?
  3. I do sell 4 enchanted diamond swords which are pretty rare.
    Silk Eff 4 Unbreaking 3 would be 330r
  4. Wow! Thats like, really cheap!
  5. The whole point is to make it cheap, so that more people would buy the items :)