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  1. RES 1783 SMP1

    We are now Buying all items are good prices, below are a few examples of what we are buying

    Iron ore
    Cooked meats

    To name a few

    Whats even better is that we are Buying in bulk, and we do not mind bulk sellers and will not ban you from our shop for it,

    Added bonus, if you're selling items to a chest that is marked with a redstone torch and you fill it up take a picture and post it here for a diamond prize.

    Thanks all..

    Thats 1783 again, 1783 buying all items are great prices...
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  2. Getting my items ready ;)
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  3. The proper way to bump is to post something random and then delete it :p
  4. What are the prizes?
  5. Wait - HappyShopper is PT? Or is it a joint venture? I thought PT was on hols?
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  6. Happy and PT are running the store together
  7. Is there a reason you stopped buying wool?
  8. HappyShopper has been on EMC for longer than his /p info, I will say that.

    But no, PT is not HappyShopper.
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  9. 8 doubles chests of each kind, I need to run the stock down for a while and then I will reopen wool buying.

    res's 1783 and 1577 are a join venture with PT and Myself, we are good buddies, PT is away from another month and a half, during that time I will be logging in game as PT to change prices and check rupees levels, as all money we earn from both accounts gets sent to PT as its easier to keep track of (and he wont spend it like I do :)
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  10. The Prize for filling a red lit chest is 10 diamonds.
  11. Makes sense.
  12. Have you not learned the ways of the Bossi yet?
  13. i filled 3 for 30 diamonds 2012-07-12_16.26.31.png 2012-07-12_16.26.47.png 2012-07-12_16.29.24.png
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  14. i filled one stone, and the cobble stairs 2012-07-12_16.44.58.png 2012-07-12_16.46.10.png
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  15. Brilliant please meet me on smp1
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  16. Happy, get on and let me sell you more birch. :)
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  17. I filled the birch chest. No torch though :(
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  18. The only issue with that is that in some forum sections you don't have the ability to edit or delete your post... So posting something random thinking that your going to delete it would result in a total FAIL!
    lol it would be pretty funny to see though :p
  19. Random post to make a bump
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