17599 Is Now Open!

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  1. So recently I have been building a mall. Yesterday, I decided to turn it into a promo mall! :)

    There Are Tons Of Promos To Choose From, Including some Lucky Bows and other great ones! Prices Are Fair! Some prices may be lowered every once and a while just for fun. :) If a price is lowered, there will only be one in the chest to buy! :p This adds a challenge to see who can get it. Some sales may go on for sometime, others will be a day! :)

    NOTE: Selling Is Coming Soon!

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  2. I am interested in some of your items but am unable to PM you.
  3. You can't buy from the shop?
  4. Cool :)

    Will check it out when I'm online (and if I can remember it :D)
  5. No because i am interested to sell/trade, but you dont have sell signs.
  6. Can you be on in about half an hour?
  7. Great.
  8. Bump. New nightly deal will be up in about 10 minutes.
  9. Bump. Nightly deal will be up at 8 pm EMC time!
  10. Bump. Lowered a few prices. :)
  11. Bump. Weekend Long deal! Iron Voucher for only 72k!