17033 Economy Related features:

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    17033 Economy Related Features:
    sheep shearing is the first topic I am going to write about. You can pay me 100 rupees to shear my sheep for ever. The sheep pen is ever growing and I hope to expand upwards with layers for colours. If you have paid me, PM me on the website and I'll give you the flag. Price changes may be coming, so I will pay you the excess back. If you pay more hoping to get more perks, I will pay the excess back as well. Only I can dye the sheep at the moment, PM me on the server if you need me to change the colours (this will not be needed if I expand the farm as stated previously). The second economy-based feature I run is an auction house. Fairly regularly I will auction an item of high to medium value. I will auction items like animal heads, rare mob drops, voting items (vouchers) and large quantities of minerals (rarely: I am not particularly fond of mining). The third feature is my shop. I do not have a large shop, neither does it specialise in things. basically, it's a bits 'n' bobs shop. However, I do sell rarer things like shiny arrows and zombie viruses. In my second part of the shop, I sell unused enchanted items for less than the going prices (I think).

    Finally, number five: stocking and funding. If you want to help on my residence in any other way, you can do this. stocking is when you stock my shop (rather obviously). Every time you restock, PM on the website exactly when and what you stocked, then I will pay you based on the amount. Being a funder is when you pay me some money, ranging from 1000 rupees to 50000 rupees, to fund one of my projects. The perks of doing this may vary, depending on what you want. You could have shear flag, access to certain shops to take free or discounts on auctions.
  2. Thank you to bevK56 for donating 3000 rupees! I have given you the shear flag and access ti my egg shop. Thank you!
  3. You can only have 100 animals per res. Will make it hard for an "expanding" sheep farm :(
  4. I think you have a lot of free competition. For example, I link to all the colours of sheep on SMP9 (19500) for free, and even pay for shearing to be done. If you're really looking to make money, I would pay you to get me a lot of blue and black wool!