16799: The New Super Food... Errr... Shop!

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Will you help supply me?

I will be a supplier 3 vote(s) 37.5%
I will sell to set up your shop. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I will not help with anything because I can't/won't. 5 vote(s) 62.5%
  1. Anyone that is every really on smp7 knows my name and my shop. Well, not anymore. I have moved my residence to smp8 at 16799. A new shop is forming there any I need YOUR help! I need suppliers and common people that just want to sell me some needed materials. Come by and help out if you want to see a shop with all the items you need come from a blank residence. I will hopefully shoh the pictures as I go along. I did forget Day 1 though.
    Day 2:
    2012-07-19_10.39.00.png 2012-07-19_10.39.05.png 2012-07-19_10.39.10.png 2012-07-19_10.39.17.png
    Here are the better ones.
    EDIT: I will do Day 4 and Day 6 and so on. No odd numbers will be shown.
    By the way, the suppliers still needed are wood (2) , mob drops (2) , minerals (2) and possibly mechanical items (1). Well, I got grounded for most of Day 4.
  2. Sorry I would help, but I cant. Sorry :oops:
  3. It's ok. I can't either cuz how would i sell to myself? lol
  4. I am typing this on my phone. Technology is great, isn't it?
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  5. I would like to help! Is there a job where i can stand behind a counter and act like im doing something? lol. I could also show people where everything is
  6. >:D

    Velcome to the ghost town named SMP8. We are always VERY happy to see new faces :)

    Oh, and what do you need? Almost my entire residence is a farm/ranch. I can probably give you some materials.
  7. your picture reminds me of alchestbreach
  8. Oh, perfect. I need a customer support crew always to tell when items are outa stock and if somebody needs something like a cobble generator.
  9. Wood and stone mainly for the structure. sometimes leaves. Also, any item to help stock it :p
  10. I noticed the ghost town part. I plan to make that different. There seems to be no big shops so far and I've attracted some diamond supporters or soon to be diamond supporters that I have the favor of to come. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx and possibly samsimx.
  11. Ye
  12. Can I really work?
  13. Well yes. You hold on to the items in designated chests behind the counter; you record time and since we wont open till August 1st at earliest, you can write it in-game on books called Records. I check when it was purchased in my rupees history and see when it was purchased. It is a full refund up to 5 minutes after purchase and 50% up to the hour after.
  14. Sounds good :)
  15. Just checked out your shop. If you have grass that's that cheap and is in stock, not only must nobody visit but you must have silk touch. I would be honored to have you as a mineral gatherer if its a pick and as a farmer if its a shovel.