16402 teleport room guide.

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  1. So I noticed some people on my residence have difficulties with teleports. Here's a guide on how to use the teleport room at my residence. 2015-02-12_16.29.21.png
    Let's say ExampleGuy wants to go to the shop. He tries to go, but ends up at the house and sees no shop. So, you see the sign that says $$$ Shop $$$, right? Well, you're going to have to walk straight directly below it. Keep walking straight until you get on the spruce wood. 2015-02-12_16.30.13.png
    These "Step on wood" signs will tell you where to stand. Just stand on the wood, and you're good to go. ExampleGuy follows this method and gets to the shop. He buys cobblestone and oak planks and leaves the residence.

    You see those pressure plates? Those are for returning to the teleport room. Keep an eye out for these so you don't return to the teleport room by accident. :p

    Hope this helps,
    P.S. Answer the poll above to see if this helped you at all. If not, I will PM you and demonstrate. This residence is on SMP8, and the number is 16402.
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