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  1. 1577 Community sponsorship program

    As the opening of the 1577 SMP1 XL Casino draws ever nearer I am here today to offer you all the chance to have your name written into the history books and have a casino floor named after you, your girlfriend, your dog or an idol!
    (Billy Idol?)

    We are asking for 100,000 Rupees Sponsorship for each floor!
    Below are some screenshots of the floors you can sponsor!!

    2012-09-02_20.10.10.png 2012-09-02_20.12.55.png 2012-09-02_20.13.06.png 2012-09-02_20.13.30.png 2012-09-02_20.14.20.png

    “Why 100k to have a floor named after us”
    Happy and I have noticed a distinct lack of BIG build projects on EMC yes there are a few here and there, but we know the biggest reason why! Lack of rupees some people have amazing ideas and just don’t have the funds to make them..

    For instance, our Casino has cost us a total of 1.4 Million rupees to builds (That’s not even counting the diamonds happy’s has been giving away for free)

    So we propose to use this community sponsorship fund to create a project fund, being a sponsor you will naturally be on the project board and help to decide who gets what, why and where.

    So below is a brief overview of the “terms” of sponsorship

    Sponsorship costs 100k
    · Sponsorship entitles you to choose a floor and name it to your liking (no res numbers or advertising)
    · Sponsorship entitles you to have FREE VIP status within the Casino for LIFE
    · Sponsor’s will be given a tour and have early access to the Casino
    · Sponsor’s will be gifted 2500 Casino chips.

    We withhold the right to refuse sponsorship if your chosen floor name is offensive or rude…

    Once all of the floors have been sponsored we will create a separate thread for people to apply for project funding…

    Thank you for reading.

    PThagaard & HappyShopper

  2. That is alot of diamond blocks..... Wouldn't it be a shame if something hapened to them.... :p
  3. You'll have to wait and see, i can however promise that it makes GREAT sense :D
  4. Looks like there will be diamond blocks there later on, if you look on the other side of the pic.
  5. Nope the dirt is there to stay...
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  6. Hmm. Is EMCasino your alt, or is it PT's? Just wonderin.
  7. This could be awesome or could crash and burn...
    But I personally hope it succeeds!
  8. PT could you start a PM with me? I would like to talk to you about this further.
  9. PT is real busy right now, but im free to help
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  10. So what happens if I sponsor??
  11. Ok I will talk to you ;)
  12. Ok so who do I dosh the cash to Pt or Happy?
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  13. A Big Thank you to TerryDaTerrorist and Bob THE TOMATO KING
  14. That means we have 2 floors left for naming..

    People better hurry up..
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  15. You should make a forum signature for the sponsors.
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  16. Done... Check your PM box
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  17. Bump only 2 floors left.
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  18. Bump for eu morning time.
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