1577 - Casino - Dealers Required. Apply within.

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  1. So you want to be a dealer eh?
    Do you have what it takes to work in a fun yet challenging work place,

    So apply for this job send me a job application.

    I will leave this open ended, but messeges such as "cn i be a de2ler" (yes thats real) will be an instant no.
    Telling me in game that you applied will be an instant no.

    hard work is rewarded.
  2. canz iz be a delar plzzzzzzz. i dont have ruppez but i like it plzzzz.

    For the real, where is the application?

    And, I want to be a dealer.
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  3. Lol do i need to fill one out? :p
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  4. hay can i plz haz dealer plz i promis i wont steal i promis me good guy me no steal i promis

    Hmm, I don't have enough sparetime now that I got a job. I wanted to be a dealer tho, =P
  5. Hello,

    Id like to be dealer
    Im 15
    Not à scammer
    And i love the casino

  6. Oh in à PM?
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  7. Could you tell the jobs open? And like what would each person do depending its station and such.
  8. Yes.
  9. The position is dealer, for all games, Full Training will be provided..
  10. Where can we fill one out?
  11. Its up to you guys to write an application telling me why I should pick you.. be creative..
  12. He is giving you a real world objective, rather than what you are use to from school. In school you are use to the "Here's a worksheet, complete it for a grade!". What Happy is doing, in short, is saying "Want the job? Show me why you deserve it. Explain why you are fit for the job.".

    If schools across America asked you to apply what you know to a real life objective, the upcoming generations would not be so lost, as they seem to be.

    Anyways, would you like the application in a private message, or may I post it here?
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