156k Giveaway [Ended]

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by KingofKraft13, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. This would go a huge way towards helping me on my Vault 101 project!
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  2. dont ask for a number just comment and dont reply and please READ the rules
  3. I want in

    It's lucky for me :c
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  4. I respect you for doing something like this.

    If my number is chosen I plan to give back to those who have helped me get started in my three days on this server. After that, I will use the rest of it to continue building my residence.
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  5. Edit: I didnt see That. Sorry xD I feel stupid now... Oh well.
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  7. i DIDINT POST TWICE i edited!!!!
    and if your going to discualify everyone including me and oidgod then.....

  8. Thanks for giving back to the community. And these people cant read :)
    At the rate this is going there will be nobody to give the money too
    *Double FacePalm*
    *Triple FacePalm*
    Yay some one who can read
    *Quadruple FacePalm*
    Im not sure what to post after this so im just going to put random vegetables. Onion.

    I wonder if anyone is reading this.....Potato.
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  9. Next person who asks for a number is disqualified :/
  10. This will be epic for the Shard if I win. Put me in, please!
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  11. read the rules your are disqualified you posted twice sorry
  12. TREE!
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  13. No numbers you are disqualified
  14. tree is a number? :(
  15. It woudl be insane if I won this... I shudder just thinking about it. O_O
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  16. i have a screenshot of you saying 31 sorry :/
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Not open for further replies.