15334 Marketplace! Promos and more!

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  1. 15334 Marketplace

    -Hello all! I am proud to announce the 15334 smp7 marketplace is now open for business!

    -Currently I am putting stuff up for sale but stop by because there are promos for sale! Turkey Slicers, Holiday Picks, Rudolphs, Netherhounds, and Labor Benches!

    -Once stocked I will also sell, mined items, building materials, food, and other misc items.
    Please stop by! Please feel free to ask any questions or request an item :)
  2. Great shop, good prices :)
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  3. Thanks for stopping by :)
  4. now if only i had rupees xD
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  5. Like the setup :) Nice prices too
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  6. Now selling orebusters for 105k each! :) Bones are in mass quantities and will always be restocked, I have loads. Some food is also stocked. I will stock more tomorrow. :D Happy shopping
  7. I will stock more tonight so make sure to stop by :)
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  8. I always wanted to make a shop like this ;-;
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  9. Do it ;)
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  10. No homestuck x Spongebob >.>
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  11. Nice Prices! :D
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  12. Just stocked more food products and some ores and minerals :) Come check it out. Promos are still left! get them while you can :D