[150k Giveaway] Minecraft Your Animal

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Manglex, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. So here it is guys. I am giving away 150k!
    However, I am not just giving it to anyone, I will have a contest. Contest I say!

    Rules: Minecraft your animal, duh. Make your animal look like something in minecraft, or anything EMC related as well.
    It has to be YOUR animal. If it isn't and I find out you will be removed from the competition.
    If you ask others to like your entry and I find out, you will be removed from the competition.
    The winner will be determined in a voting period in which people will like others posts. The person with the most likes will be the winner.

    1st place: 150k
    2nd place:
    3rd place:
    (I will be adding to this as the competition goes on)

    Donations: I need prizes for 2nd and 3rd place! All donations accepted. I will list the names here.

    Time Frame: I am allotting 3 weeks for entries and donations, and 1 week for voting.

    Cheers, and Goodluck
    - Mangles
  2. I have no pet... :(
  3. My hamster will be having some fun shortly! :D
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  4. You can do it with any animal, If you don't have a pet, do it with someone else's! :D
  5. Does a tomato count?
  6. Err.. Umm..
    You can dress your dog as a tomato, then dress the tomato dog as something? :p
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  8. Aww... I don't have a pet. Does a chipmunk work?
  9. What dog? I ate him last week....
  10. Can we enter more than one?
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  11. Manglex said in chat that monkeys, hippos and tigers are fine, so I'm sure a chipmunk is too :)
  12. Perfect, when I get home my dog Felix will be having Sooo much fun... ;)
  13. :mad: MINE WON'T WORK!

    It says security error, please hit back and refresh the page.
    I did that already! -.-

    Its basically my cat in my profile picture but it says :
    Got Fish?
  14. With different pets, Up to three times, or one pet twice.
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  15. Ok, I will submit a couple tomorrow. :)
  16. Can I do the same pic but with different captions
  17. No, please make it different pictures.
    I mean, Captions are ok. But anyone who dresses up there animal like a dirt block or a creeper ect will be getting a like from me, no questions asked. :)
  18. It's kinda hard to dress up a rat
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  19. Ah! Try Try Try Try!!! :D
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  20. I have epic plan, you will love it I'm sure
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