150,000 Forum Messages!

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  1. Congratulations to the Empire Forum! Over this almost a year we have reached 150,000 messages on the forums, 10k discussions, AND 40,000 members!

    May the first 150k be like the next 150,000!

    Next goal for the forum: 300k!

    It's been a long ride as I haven't been active on the Forums when I first joined but when I did.. Best decision I ever made! The community is even more friendly here, more informative, and filled with all the regulars.. :)

    Congrats again! I wonder who made the 150,000th post ;)
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  2. Awesome just awesome , EMC is best server I have joined
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  3. :O Where do you even find this info :0 :O :eek: -_- /( * - *)/ \(* - *)\
  4. It's on the home page, look at the right.

    I'm pretty proud that more than 2500 of these posts were mine.
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  5. Who wants to make this many posts on this thread?!?!??!?! Challenge accepted my kind waffle!
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  6. Challenge Accepted.jpg
    When my asian dad finds out we failed...
    Facepalm.jpg <----- Click me
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  7. I made a 1100 posts of the 150k, although it is less than 1% is is still awesome I think :p
  8. Justin guy made A LOT more;) but he has been here longer.
    PS thank you for your sig, i can never find that website.
  9. Over 9000.
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  10. Yeah, he made about 4000.... But he is the admin xP
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  11. im surprised how few people have replied since we seem so talkative in the first place ;)
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  12. who was it?
    justinguy knows