14979 Christmas sale!

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  1. Hey EMC! So many of you may know I own a humble wood store on smp7...well I decided to make it less humble and more BOOM! :p Anyways I am having a massive christmas sale and everything is discounted until after christmas! I have stocked the chests with tons of stock! And even added iron ingots under 2r, gold ingots for 8r, and even pigmen heads for 500r! Make sure to stop by and buy, things sell quite fast there and I try to stay stocked :D.

    Location: smp7 residence 14979

    Happy holiday shopping!

    Note: I am planning on adding some christmas decor if anyone has ideas! :)
  2. Bump this is the cheapest iron and gold you will ever find! :)
  3. What heads do you sell other than pigmen heads?
  4. Right now just those :) This is just a christmas sale so things will be changed along with prices after christmas, so buy while things are in stock
  5. Holiday Bump! Remember this iron and gold can be resold to make a profit :)