14559 Mall/Donations

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by ww2fan168, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. In the matter of 2 months the 14599 will be built and complete! It will have accurate prices on every item and will be a 4.5 star quality mall.

    • 1r-25k: No bonus
    • 26k-50k: 10% off all items ( will have room )
    • 51k-75k: 25% off all items ( Will have room )
    • 76k-100k: 45% off all items ( will have room )
    • 101k-250k: 50% off all items ( will have room )
    If you donated PM me and Ill check my rupee history to check, the donation boosts will help you out a lot! This is a 500k project so you can leave your mark and get discounts and recognition! ( Donators room ).

    This mall will be located on smp7 and Im hoping to have it opened at least by September 31st.

    So get your donations in!