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  1. My fellow Minecraftians,
    Just_So_Pro and I have now opened shop on SMP7 with a focus on enchantments. While we do sell some low enchants, we mainly focus on the crazy-strong "God Items". Eg. Efficiency 5/Prot 4+Unb3/Sharpness 5/Power 5+Infinity. We chose to do this because out of all the servers, we could not find any quality enchants that were in-stock. So if you are looking for that Efficiency 5 / Unbreaking 3 / Silk touch 1 then head straight to SMP7 /v 14466.

    But don't let your god items degrade away into dust; send the item to crossbones in the mail along with 2500 (1500 if you include the un-enchanted repair item) rupees and I will send it back fully repaired (1-48 hrs). The item must have the name "SMP7 14466 <item type>" (which all items come with) or I will return the item to you along with your refund. And yes, if you want you can rename an item for the express purpose of getting it repaired :p.

    TL;DR Come check out SMP7 14466 and browse our high quality stock and prices. We also repair items with our naming convention for 2500 rupees (1500 if you include the un-enchanted repair item).
  2. Good shop, I recommend to people seeking god picks or enchanted tools
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  3. Bump!
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  4. You post this thread EXACTLY ONE DAY AFTER I waste THREE HOURS looking to buy a SINGLE set of Protection IV Unbreaking III armor...

    Well, you can expect one customer. :)
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  5. Prices have been lowered, come check it out.
  6. I am not quite a fan of the fact of the fact that you renamed everything to name the store, but good prices!
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  7. bump! quite a few prices have been lowered

    only 7k for god picks
    4k for eff4/unb3/silk or fort 3
    1.5k for eff4/unb3

    come check it out people
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  8. I agree, I prefer to have my tools their original names or something I choose to name them. It seems a bit silly to me for you to rename all of your tools and sell them to customers.
  9. Does it really seem silly? I am aware that some costumers would prefer the normal name but I figured that those people that cared were in the minority (you two) and that it would be more profitable for me (at no loss to the costumer) to advertise my shop for cheap repairs (1500 rupees w/ item) and replacements. It is only 5 levels to rename an item. Maybe you can see where I am coming from as a seller.

    Furthermore, do you find it silly that when you get in a branded vehicle such as a Toyota that has logos on the front, back, and steering wheel? Why don't all cars come with no branding instead?Why does a small lawn service leave a small sign in front of the house they just serviced with their name, logo, and number? Why don't sodas come in single-color labels instead of listing Sprite, Dr Pepper, or Pepsi?
  10. I see your point and understand completely. It's more the reselling factor, if you are against reselling then keep renaming them. But if you don't mind reselling then do not change the name :)
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