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  1. I am building a large "Mega Mall" on SMP7 at 14444 - it will be selling every* obtainable item for the average price.

    It would require a lot of building materials to that I do not yet own to construct the mall. I have listed the items I require below:

    White, Light Grey, Dark Grey Wool - 80 rupees p/stack - Buying up to 14 stacks - Wanderton has supplied the wool, thanks :)
    Glass - 80 rupees p/stack - Buying up to 10 stacks - Gadget_AD has supplied the glass, thanks :)
    Glowstone - 18 rupees each - Buying up to 2 stacks

    If you want to sell any of the items above, please contact me with the quantity and what item(s) you want to sell.

    *EMC exclusive items would be sold sometimes, there would be a notification when I am selling them.
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  2. Bumpy Bumpy ;)
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  3. Legend I will do the glass for you.
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  4. I can get the wool for you. Do you want 14 stacks of each?

    PS: I have 14 stacks of the white and Gray. I'm currently gathering the Light Gray.
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  5. 14 stacks altogether is fine :)
  6. Alright, I'll even it out.
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  7. How does seven stacks of white, 5 gray and 2 light gray sound?
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  8. Sounds good :) Meet at 14444, SMP7?
  9. Pleasure doing business!! Good luck with your store.
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  10. Pleasure doing business! :) Thank you very much :)
  11. Bump! Just buying Glowstone now :)
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  12. - Edited OP -

    Now buying more Dark Grey Wool!

    Still looking for someone to sell the Glowstone!
  13. 10199 on SMP5 sells Glowstone by the stack, I highly recommend a visit.
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  14. only 2 stacks of glowstone? must not be that big of a mall mine took like atleast 4 and i was conservative in some places
  15. I'm using 2 stacks to start with - I already have 3-4 already :)
  16. Damn, on SMP5, I'm in the End... do you/they/whoeverownsthemall deliver?
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  17. I can provide the grey wool.

    Edit: How about I deliver the glowstone? Just a heads up though Legend, 10199 sells their Glowstone at 25r each. So it'd be 1,600 a stack.
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  18. That would be perfect :)
  19. I would just need an extra 20r for vault fees so I'm not losing anything. You'd have to pay that anyways. Are you available to receive the pickup?
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