[140k budget] Big Farm

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by MineMeetsRoblox, Feb 6, 2017.

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  2. If I can make one suggestion. Build on utopia if you can. Since the plots on the smps are much smaller, any doors on other plots can potentially break this farm. Utopia has enough room to build them safely. I have started mine on 5775 if you want a look.
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  3. Thank you, I will be checking that out tonight. I will have to look into this tonight, see if I might be able to get a residence there. On my alt due to the fact that I have a 4 residedences right next to each other and I like it like that.
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  4. If you've got 4 next to each other then you could potentially build this where the four corners meet and to avoid a road edit build it above 200. I haven't checked out the youtube video but I'm sure that the baby villager go to one side of the farm. So now you have four possible spots for the baby villagers to descend too.
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  5. Was just gonna post the above lol Would save you from buying a gold voucher or diamond. Could build them in each corner and should be far enough away from potential doors on other plots.
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  6. its not a villager farm, its a wheat farm/carrot farm/potato farm... So it wont be affected.