1337Ghost007 - One of the many cheaters........

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  1. 2012-01-21_16.43.13.png 2012-01-21_17.08.03.png
    And "mogamary1" does also got a screenshot of him saying this !

    This is a screenshot of the cheater saying that he is using a flymod!

    I hope the Admin sees this and bann him as fast as possible.

    If you guys sees this, post a comment if you know about somebody that cheats and some evidence as well. :)

    We dont want cheaters, right? 2012-01-21_16.43.13.png 2012-01-21_17.08.03.png 2012-01-21_17.35.50.png 2012-01-21_18.54.21.png
  2. Next time report this directly to a moderator in a private message.
    The situation has been rectified.
  3. yay one cheater down random number to go!
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