13307 Project; need items!

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  1. Hi people of the Empire :)

    It's just me, Maddy, doing another weird/wacky project, which I will be working on for the next few weeks!
    It's going to be another hotel *semi-yawn*, but up there with hotels like the Blue Ribbon hotel, for example, and this means quality.
    I will be looking for cheap magenta, cyan, orange and lime wool.
    Other things I will be looking out for are cauldrons, beds, sugarcane, lapis lazuli, glass blocks, oak logs, creeper sandstone and smooth sandstone. I will list the prices I am buying them for.

    Wool: 35r per every 32.
    Cauldrons: 28r per cauldron.
    Beds: 8r per bed.
    Sugarcane: 16r per every 32.
    Lapis Lazuli: 100r per every 64.
    Glass blocks: 40r per every 32.
    Oak logs: 48r per every 64.
    Creeper sandstone: 80r per every 64.
    Smooth sandstone: 70r per every 64.

    If you have any ideas to share, please PM me in-game or while I am online on the forums.

    Thanks, Maddy the rainbow girl xD
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