13 stacks of sugar cane needed

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  1. As the title suggests I need 13 stacks of sugar cane. I have had a look around smp6 but I can't find anyone selling stacks. Do any shops have this many stacks at a good price?
  2. I will give you where do u live? :)
  3. You can check other servers, like 4005 or 3456 on smp2, or 14141 on smp7.

    I'll be opening a shop soon on smp8, but it's not complete and I'm not stocked yet xD
  4. Wow thanks! Im at 12084 on smp6. i have set up a chest and left you a little something in there to say thanks ;)
  5. hey i can give u over 32 stacks? Just head over to smp1 and oom there u go!
  6. Hey, im at your res are you around?
  7. ill be right there
  8. do you still need me? For the sugar cane?
  9. I can sell you like 50 stacks for like 2r each! smp4 9088!
  10. If he doesn't need those, I'll buy them off you Stads :)
  11. I if you wouldn't mind. There is a chest at 12084 on smp6 with a little something inside for your troubles ;)
  12. If you have a sale go with that. Wouldn't want to deprive both sides of rupees and sugar
  13. Free sugar cane, melons and cactus at my res on smp3 (look in the basement)
  14. Thanks I will get It when got an internet connection on my PC :) (I'm now on my iPad)! Just got a new provider so it wont work now, maybe today or tomorrow!