12w25a: Villagers no longer have infinite supplies

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    • Added an "Open to LAN" menu in the in-game menu, which allows players to open their world to other players. In the menu, the player can choose to turn cheats on or off, and choose the game mode.
    • The multiplayer menu now scans for LAN servers (singleplayer worlds which are on the same LAN and have been published with the /publish command).
    • Villagers will remove a trade option after it has been used 3-15 times.
    • Added wooden stairs for the remaining three wood types (spruce, birch and jungle).
    • Redstone and Rails can now be placed on slabs and stairs positioned upside down.
    • Removed the downwards knockback while drowning
    • “A lot of smaller changes and fixes”.
    • The /tpcommand now allows teleporting to specified coordinates.
      • The syntax for this is /tp [target player] <x> <y> <z>.
      • The other functionality of the /tp command is still there.
    Server (or .EXE)
  1. Unfortunately all we would have to do to abuse this is to egg them after we have used up a resource, then spawn them again and continually do that.
  2. Yeah thats too bad that they did that
  3. if its not enabled in town then it would cost 100r to do that
  4. Someone said that ICC said it will be allowed, and if it is only in the wild tons of towns dwellers will get upset about it...
  5. I love the fact that op-griefers can now TP other people to like X: 345533254 Y: 256 Z: -9843729857982734897
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  6. *tp's to those coordinates* DIAMONDS
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  7. lol
  8. will you be aloud to tp in 1.3 on emc?
  9. That will probably be modified for EMC by justinguy.
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  10. Im pretty sure tp will remain a mod command only..
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  11. It is just that the new comment has a new feature, not that just everyone has to use it....
  12. I got the snapshot, its fun :3
  13. Skaia's Happy. I believe, if I read this correctly, rails can be placed upside down. >:3 1160