12w18a Snapshot Relased!

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  1. Here is today's weekly snapshot. This week includes:
    • SP worlds are now automatic servers
    • Villager spawn eggs now spawn different professions of villagers.
    • Wooden tools work in furnaces to cook exactly 1 thing
    • Silk touch fixes and block picking
    • Other stuff (More language settings... ETC.)

    Get it here: http://www.mojang.com/2012/05/minecraft-snapshot-12w18a/
    Have fun with this week's snapshot!
  2. PS: Beat you to it Twitch :)
  3. Silk touch fixes? How so...
  4. This is the most boring snapshot yet, by far. I have no idea what the hype around Pick Block is about.
  5. Basically, in Creative mode, if you click on a block with the mouse wheel, then that block (or its drop) will appear in your hand.
  6. this was found on the wiki page

    Cocoa Beans

    Cocoa Beans

    Wool dyes, Food

    3 (Data)

    Yes (in 12w18a)

    Yes (64)

    Data value
    dec: 351 hex: 15F

    Cocoa Beans (also known as the Brown Dye) are a material used for making Cookies and brown wool. Cocoa Beans were initially introduced in the Beta 1.2 update, but were not able to be obtained without an Inventory Editor.
    As of Beta 1.4, Cocoa Beans were formally brought into the game as a reward found in dungeon chests.[1] (53% chance) Also as of Beta 1.4, brown sheep naturally spawn which made obtaining brown wool easier. In 12w16a, cocoa beans are obtainable in bonus chests. In 12w18a, cocoa beans have a small (0.5%) chance of dropping from destroyed jungle tree leaves in a similar fashion to apples, making cocoa beans a renewable source of material for the first time.
    Jeb Said during his Dreamhack presentation that cocoa trees are pending.[2] Cocoa Beans are among the rarest obtainable items on old maps (after cookies) as they can only be found in dungeons generated after the 1.4 patch. The use of cookies as a 'trophy item' gives cocoa considerable value on unmodified servers, even more so than diamonds. With cocoa beans now being obtainable from jungle trees in 12w18a, they are no longer as rare.

  7. what does it mean by SP worlds are automatic servers?
  8. You're friends can now play on SP world w/ you.
  9. yeah... guys don't use the snapshot it really sucks.. you can't play singleplayer D:
  10. Sever Hardcore if your die your banned
  11. ...? that was random what do you mean?
  12. No, they added multiplayer hardcore version
  13. so your meaning you can invite friends onto your SP thats sounds amazing!
  14. if the server in on hardcore and you die you are banned from the server
  15. So basically, they are getting rid of SP and making private servers.
  16. that sounds good I guess but they wouldn't take away SP would they?
  17. Thats what this means. you have an option, but really, if you want to play MP you should choose the MP button. Then too, this makes it SO much easier for people to play with friends rather than trying to figure out how to host a server and paying money for the 4 slots you use for 2 hours a day.
  18. Yea that sounds cool to me cause then I don't have to do what you said so I can play with friends and do maps easr! YAY!
    but I was wondering you can still play on SP can't you?
  19. Yeah, if you don't invite anybody. Nice avatar flevas....