12w15a snapshot.

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  1. Ohhh gimie gimie gimie!
  2. And even better the server will update faster as Justin and the buket team have somthing to work of
  3. Oh, putting cart's on rails and boat's on water?
    That's something I never knew would come!
  4. Oh well, can't wait for the other features!
    I will try out this snapshot...
    Do you want me to spoil the censored stuff?
    Just ask me :D
    Saw this in the MCWiki :rolleyes:

    • Unknown (Censored and Some Improvements[1])
    • "Pick Block" button now gives the right block, when clicking on a mob it gives the appropriate spawn egg.
    • ⇧ Shift+clicking can be used to wear armor.
    • Furnaces and brewing stand allow use of shift clicking to put items in it
    • Dispensers will deploy boats on water, and minecarts on rails.
    Notable Bugs:
    • Pressing the Pick Block button on Redstone Dust gives you a Redstone OreBlock
    • Pressing the Pick Block button on Piston Extenders causes your game to crash.
    • Pressing the Pick Block button on an Ender Dragon causes your game to crash.
    • It is no longer possible to destroy an item stack, by trying to place it into the creative menu, unless you click on an empty spot. Doing so on a full spot, for example the Dirt Block slot will replace the item you are trying to destroy with a dirt block.
    • Floating sand destroyed may crash Minecraft.
    • Cacti may spawn inside sand blocks causing the player to get stuck and lose health.
    • Placing multiple spawner eggs inside a dispenser and then breaking the dispenser may cause some of the eggs have their 'spotty' texture separated from the egg. for example if the egg type was a magma cube, the yellow dots would become separated from the red egg when on the ground as an item.
    • Spawn Eggs now spawn baby mobs.[2]
    • Changing the GUI scale will cause the game to crash.
  5. ⇧ Shift+clicking can be used to wear armor.

    That's pretty sweet.
  6. Awesome on the boats and carts from dispensers. I hope they also focus on performance this release (at least as much as last time).
  7. As long as they don't add more problems/bugs for multiplayer , everything is cool. If they actually improve things like last patch , it's extra gravy.
  8. Piston extenders??? :eek:
  9. i think you read it worng :p:Pressing the Pick Block button on Piston Extenders causes your game to crash
  10. Yeah but they're adding piston extenders? :eek:
  11. No, it means that if you use the Pick Block thing in Creative Mode on the part of a Piston will crash your MineCraft.
  12. Ohhh ok I feel dumb