12w15a snapshot released!

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  1. That's right, this week sees the release of the 12w15a Snapshot, ready for testing! What has been added, changed or removed for this version? That's a good question - this Snapshot's changes have been hidden!

    Want to test it out anyway? Can you find the hidden features and fixes? If so, click the links below - we will be exploring the update for surprises, so keep an eye out right here for details!

    12w15a Client: Download

    Minecraft Snapshot 12w15a

    by Jens Bergensten on April 12, 2012
    Here’s the development snapshot of week 15, 2012! @dinnerbone requested to keep the changelog secret, so blame him for this:
    • Censored
    • Censored
    • Censored
    • Some improvements
    Get the snapshot here:
  2. well now the update isnt exciting because we dont know whats added/changed
  3. its already been applied to smp1 seems like a lot of bugfixes probably :D
  4. No, this has not been applied to anything... It is a MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT.... :)
  5. then why did server restart an u broadcasted that new snapshot works on servers yaaaay ;) im still not very sure why server went down abruptly :p
  6. Totally unrelated, we don't officially run Snapshots on EMC, you can use the client if you choose to do so.
  7. Here are the updates according to Minecraft Wiki:
    • Unknown (Censored and Some Improvements[1])
    • Any orphan baby animal will follow any adult of its kind.
    • Chickens have rare drops?
    • Stackable items now stack outside inventory when thrown to the ground individually.
    • "Pick Block" button now gives the right block, when clicking on a mob it gives the appropriate spawn egg.
    • Shift+clicking can be used to wear Armor.
    • Brewing stand allows use of shift clicking to put items in it.
    • Dispensers will deploy boats on water, and minecarts on rails. Powered minecarts and storage minecarts are also deployed similar to minecarts.
    • Right clicking a powered minecart in creative mode will act as if you would give it coal.
    • In the creative inventory, selecting a new item while holding another item no longer disposes of the old item.
    • Pressing the Pick Block button on grass will now give you the grass instead of dirt.
    Notable Bugs:
    • Pressing the Pick Block button on redstone dust gives you a Redstone Dust Block (as opposed to the item)
    • Pressing the Pick Block button on piston extenders causes your game to crash.
    • Pressing the Pick Block button on an ender dragon causes your game to crash.
    • Spawn Eggs now spawn baby mobs.[2]
    • Floating sand destroyed may crash Minecraft.
    • Cacti may spawn inside sand blocks causing the player to get stuck and lose health.[citation needed]
    • Changing the GUI scale will cause the game to crash.
    • When multiple types of Spawn Eggs are placed inside a dispenser, and the dispenser is destroyed, some of the spawn eggs will change type. If for example, you place squid, zombie, slime, and blaze spawn eggs in a dispenser, and destroy it, you might receive back 2 squid eggs and a 2 blaze eggs.
    • Pressing the Pick Block button on Water Buckets causes your game to crash.
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  8. Rare chicken drops? Have you encountered any?
  9. Does this mean we get Seeeecret Thursdays, like Seeeecret Fridays in Alpha? I hope so!
  10. I have not checked anything listed as a change in Minecraft 12w15a... I have 24 hours duty today so I have plenty of time to test out all of the information... I pulled it down to my desktop to check because I can't access on a Government Computer...