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  1. Hey guys MasterWaffle8 here, I've decided that business at 1279 has been going well so I'm going to remodel it once again! I have already remodeled once before and It was a major decrease in popularity, therefor I'm going to make it bigger and better. I need all the donations of rupees, my top donator will be awarded a beacon! So all help is needed to make this a success, a picture will be poster below. THX!!! :cool:
    Plz say below if you donated and I will check rupee history to make sure!

    TOP DONATOR - Rosy2696 3000
  2. Wow, cool. I hope your gonna be cheap..... It's so expensive nowdays. I have never made a megamall, i want to, but i have to either get diamond or reset a res, and i don't wanna reset my reses, too much work into them. I will gladly donate, it will be awesome having a megmall by you :)
  3. Thanks to you Rosy!
  4. Rosy and others, the price are cheap, well that what I think. We are going to have the same items we have now, just with more sections.
  5. Sounds cool! But i think that if you are going to remodel the shop it should look better and not just be a cube. A nice looking shop always brings in more people.
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  6. Ok Thanks for the tip uglydragon, I will try to keep that in mind.
  7. Ok guys, the shop is done! Well other than stocks. I only have 1k and only 1 donator that donated 3k.
    Whoever gives me the highest donation is given a BEACON! So its time to donate people. THANKS
  8. Rosy, im srry but not enough people donated for me to give me money to buy a beacon, ill repay the 3k when i see you
  9. HOLY GOSH that looks cool *goes to 1279*