1206 Sugar Cane Farm!

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  1. Hello,
    Selling use permission to the 1206 MEGA Sugar Cane Farm! Others have permissions to the grinder as well.
    Some pictures:
    2012-11-04_09.14.52.png 2012-11-04_09.15.06.png 2012-11-04_09.15.48.png 2012-11-04_09.16.38.png 2012-11-04_09.17.45.png 2012-11-04_09.17.58.png 2012-11-04_09.21.26.png 2012-11-04_09.15.36.png

    Just a few pics, it has a few layers and i'll count how much per harvest soon and post it here.
    All activated by 1 lever, very easy to operate so no redstone knowledge needed. Others have permissions to the grinder as well.

    If you want to use it, PM myself or coffee_bullet on the forums or in-game and we'll discuss pricing there.

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  2. Holy crap, that is a TON of sugar cane. And how many pistons did you use? XD
  3. Ask coffee_bullet, he was main producer :)
  4. But i'm pretty certain it was over 1 double chest :D
  5. Anybody looking to buy? It is going to expand alot soon.
  6. Well how much are you guys looking for? I have my own sugarcane farm but I don't know it may come in handy...
  7. pm me and bek
  8. I have ;)
  9. Thiis is nice, but mine is 4x bigger ( Utopian residence )
  10. is it auto?
  11. Yep, and there 10 layers of them
  12. Wow How much do u sell perms to it for?
  13. Already have a utopian sugarcane farm, 120x120, emerald prince style ( Terminator's the king :p)
  14. 200k

    Its big
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  15. Nice how much per harvest?
  16. How much for this one?
  17. pm me and bek