12/23/12 FIre Works Show Co-Hosted by Krysyyjanes9191

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    We Are Having A Beautiful Fire Works Showing

    This took a lot of money and effort to build and put together,

    We would appreciate people showing up this will be on SMP3, at 6003.

    If you would like to come the show timings for tonight are

    9PM Eastern, 8PM Central - HAPPEND

    10PM Eastern, 9PM Central

    We hope to do more posts and will update you all as we decide and schedule stuff!
    Here are some pictures on what you should hope to expect:
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  3. Awesome show! :D
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  4. Our First Showing went very smoothly, we will have another one happening shortly!
    Please come, bring friends and tell them!
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  5. Awesome!
  6. Nice! It appears I'm not the only one with a creeper face firework!
  7. Here is the video of it! Check back here later for new dates and showtimes. Donations are being accepted we really need the money gunpowder, and glow stone prices are sky rocketing.

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