11th Person to reply to this thread wins 3k

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  1. So um. I am board. The 11th person to post gets 3,000 Empire Minecarft Rupees.
    Rules -
    No alts
    Only post once
    This post doesn't count as a post since it's the OP
    It has to just be random

    Enjoy ;3
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  2. guis I tink I mite win 2 iz cloz to 11 rite

    \ /
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  3. Do I win?
  4. Oh wail. If you put it that way. Whatever doesn't matter ;3
  5. post of postlessness
  6. Kind of unfair to people who don't have alts.
  7. I said no alts in the OP
  8. What about all of these deleted posts I see?
  9. Post #11

    (Not including OP)

    EDIT: I'm so confused. Posts keep appearing and disappearing

    I was sure. And then everything moved. I'm still seeing mine at #12, which not including OP would be the 11th. I think

    EDIT2: It moved again. Now chicken wins.

    EDIT3: I'm beginning to question reality. I think I win?
  10. are you sure ? :p
  11. Post 12 yay!
  12. How about we just... All win?
  13. Winner :)

    And for anyone confused, it did say post number 11 under chickens post but, but the OP does not count so it was really post number 10. So uh yeah. When I get on in the morning I'll pay you and everyone, I'll be doing more of these just for the fun of it!
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  14. Technically I won (didn't really want to though) Pab10S posted 3 different times... deleting them later. If the first one counted that would have made mine it. I undeleted it once or twice...
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  15. >.>
  16. Just saying, if you take out every repeat post not counting the op, then I should have won :l
    but oh well :p