11664 Tower Project!

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Do you think that I do too many project threads?

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  1. Hey all,
    Currently, at 11664, I'm building a tower- it's made out of pine planks and white stained glass panes. The rooms will hopefully include:
    • A public utilities room (not done yet)
    • A two story party room that's available for hire (done)
    • Hotel rooms- I know 10314 is a hotel resort, but you can never have enough hotel rooms- (not done yet)
    • A lobby for the hotel (not done yet)
    A. I need more resources- so please donate pine planks/logs and white stained glass!
    B. Only four things? I need YOUR ideas for the other floors!

    Please comment, like, view, and-
    (It's been a while since I used that one!)
    Lottie1664 out!
  2. I love the party room :D Has a nice theme
  3. Scissors? Ok, when did I post scissors?
    And if you're just doing that to mess with me, haha. Goal achieved.
  4. I snipped ya post
  5. Still needing these items...
    (But if you don't have these things, heads or leather would be great! (/v 10314 suits))